Matt has been a member of the youth outreach team at Watari since 2017 and has been working in the world of youth work for the past six years, previously working predominantly during the afterhours crisis response program at Directions Youth Services Centre. He is a staunch believer of community building as a means of promoting individual well-being as well as inter-agency programming and collaboration as best practice for providing the ideal care and services to the people we support. In a previous life Matt was a line cook and has taken what he has learned and translated it into a youth led community kitchen at Watari (in partnership with Directions Youth Services Centre) to promote community, food sustainability, and life skills amongst the youth we support. Matt holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Capilano University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology from Simon Fraser University. In his free time, he can usually be found playing music in obscure venues around Vancouver.