Heather Scarff
Community Teams Liaison Supervisor

“I believe there is always hope, that every story deserves to be heard and every life witnessed and valued.”

Heather is a valued and tremendous asset to Watari with her ability to wear many hats.  She began her journey here in September 2006 first with her strong administrative and community based skills with the Shannon Spirit Project, then eventually added other roles as Intake Worker, Community Addictions Counsellor and the Community Teams Liaison Supervisor as well.  However, her passion lies in the work she does with the people we support.

Heather draws on her life experiences of being a strong spiritual Indigenous woman which include her favourite roles as a mother, wife and Gigi.  Her lifetime of different experiences have helped connect her to a deeper understanding of some of the struggles the people we support face.

On her down time, Heather enjoys quality time with her husband, daughter and other family members.  Her favourite interests are music, laughter and nature.

Kevin Crofton
Youth Teams Liaison Supervisor

Kevin Crofton has worked with Watari for 13 years and is Watari’s youth programs manager. Kevin worked as a youth and family worker for the Burnaby school system for 10 years, provided youth outreach support and coordinated Watari’s Integrated Community Outreach Program which provides one to one outreach support for at risk indigenous youth. Kevin has also written and directed numerous youth theatre productions in Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast.

Jill Scott
Financial Administrator

A native of Winnipeg and a graduate of the University of Victoria, Jill worked in the child protection field in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for 25 years before switching gears and becoming a bookkeeper. With a never-ending supply of financials to keep her motivated and engaged, she enjoys making the financial side of Watari as stress-free and user-friendly as possible for staff. Outside of her role at Watari, Jill is an avid gardener, bookreader and soccer player.

Ingrid Mendez de Cruz
Executive Director

Ingrid is Watari’s Executive Director.  Before taking up the role in 2018, she served as Watari’s Latin American drug & alcohol counsellor for 20 years.  A lifelong volunteer, she brought her commitment to inclusivity and social justice with her from Guatemala (Place of Many Trees) to Turtle Island in 1990.

When she arrived in Vancouver, she saw the need for supportive networks between newcomers like herself and existing communities in her new home.  She started building relationships that — over two decades later — remain integral to the supportive programming at Watari.

Ingrid lives in Vancouver with her family, which includes a cat, a ferret and an ancient beloved dog.

Andrew Drury
DCC System Negotiator & COMET project

With over a decade of experience being a foster parent, one-to-one, outreach, mental health and youth worker, Andrew strives to provide unbiased advocacy and help to the people he supports. With an emphasis on social justice, he aims to connect everyone to the services they deserve. He believes that everybody is entitled to housing and support services and is proud to work for Watari, because of their inclusive and low-barrier programing. He is committed to honour and respect Indigenous presence as well as the unceded land rights of all Coast Salish traditional territories.

Catherine Kozlowski
Mental Health Outreach Worker - Vancouver Integrative Supervision Unit

Catherine has been with the team since November 2019, and has experience in youth work and street outreach. She supports people navigating the criminal justice system and advocates from a person-centered approach. She is part of an assertive case management team composed of a probation officer, nurse, occupational therapist, psychiatrist, and income assistance worker, with the goal of reducing recidivism rates and reducing hospital admissions. She is person-centered, works from a harm reduction philosophy, and places emphasis on meeting people where they’re at. Catherine is passionate about social justice, mental health awareness, and the Downtown Eastside community. When Catherine isn’t working, she is connecting with nature, working out, and biking.

John Spence
Indigenous Substance Misuse Counsellor
Veronica Doan
Vietnamese/Asian Community Substance Misuse Counsellor

As William Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” I believe we are the ones who create our own stories of life.

My purpose as a substance misuse counsellor developed through my own journey, personal experiences and awakening, which included struggles with getting lost in my teens, depression after giving birth to my children, using substances to find happiness. I have traveled through darkness and light and eventually found the inner peace. I learned to accept who I am and others, to see goodness in everyone and beauty in everything. Substance misuse is just a learned behaviour and if it’s learned we can unlearn it provided that we have the necessary tools to cope and replace it with sustainable new and healthy behaviour.

Veronica loves meditating, singing, dancing, hiking, gardening, cooking veggie food, art and craft, playing music, and travelling. Anything creative, fun, and healthy to body and mind.

Karina Villada
Fundraising Coordinator

“I believe that mental health support is a precious element for developing the resilience of every community member, which contributes to a better society, country, and world”

Karina has been volunteering as the Fundraising Coordinator at Watari since 2018. She recently obtained a certificate in Fundraising Management at BCIT. Karina is motivated to see healthy communities and found, in Watari, a place to put her fundraising and development organizational abilities, to provide better services to the community. When she is not pursuing a career as a fundraiser, she is enjoying nature and the mountains on her feet or on two wheels (bicycle).

Lavern Kelly
Case Manager, Transitioning to Independence Program 2 (TIP 2)

“I believe that every youth deserves a chance”
Lavern has been running the Transitioning to Independence Program 11 (TIP2) at Watari for 2 years. Lavern has a Bachelor in Child & Youth Care Counselling .She is dedicated to see her youths succeed in all aspects of their lives. Lavern has a positive attitude and always quick to lend a hand. She wins the hearts of her youths by being present and connected. Lavern has a smile that can light up a room, and speaks with respect when interacting with the youth in her program You can find Lavern relaxing in nature, listening to music while working out at the gym, or just spending time with her family

Berta Perez
CACT Latin American Substance Misuse Counsellor

“I believe when there is heart and true commitment you can achieve great goals”

Berta is originally from Mexico, she arrived with her family in Vancouver in 1998. She has a bachelor’s degree in Educational and Clinical Psychology and a Post-degree in Mental Health. Her practice involved individual work and support groups. She has vast experience working with vulnerable populations and has a great understanding of diversity due to her work with refugees, LGBTQ groups, persons experiencing homelessness, drug users, and persons with special needs and with mental illnesses. Berta works with the Latin American community at Watari, providing substance misuse counselling. She does outreach work, advocacy and liaise with other service providers. Her work has been to empower the people she supports for making their own and better decisions for their life. Berta’s passion is to help and serve others with compassion and an open heart.
In her free time, she enjoys watching TV series and movies and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Grace King
Administrative Assistant

“I believe that we all deserve to be treated with respect.”

Since Grace started with Watari in 2017, she has brought a warmth and care to our Community that is irreplaceable. Her job title is Administrative Assistant but we know her as so much more. Her laugh is contagious and is constantly sharing humour with us all.
We call her “Our Amazing Grace”. She treats everyone that walks in our doors with respect and dignity knowing that they belong to someone and they all deserve our care.
In her spare time Grace loves to write poetry, hang out with her dog Rocky, spend quality time with her daughter and enjoys being outdoors by the water.

Sandra Taylor
CACT Substance Misuse Counsellor / Community Education & Prevention Worker (STAR)

“When people walk into Watari, I want them to feel like they are seen and that they matter.”

Sandra started working as a Substance Misuse Counsellor in 2002 and has been lucky to have worked in the many programs at Watari. Sandra believes in her community driven work at Watari and tries to incorporate an approach that best matches the needs of the people she supports. Coming from a Narrative Therapy background Sandra likes to include solution focused, Mindful Awareness and strength based conversations. Sandra is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy and Sitar Family Therapy. This allows her to invite couples and family strengthening into her work. Sandra is a strong advocate in keeping families together and will work hard along side parents to keep children out of care.
Sandra’s personal growth includes practices of meditation and can be seen wandering the halls at Watari inviting people to meditate. In her spare time she is riding her bike, gardening and planning her next trip.

Krystal Jules
EIYT Youth Outreach Team

Krystal has been a member of the youth outreach team at Watari since 2019 and has been doing youth work since 2009, most notably as the cultural lead at Young Bears Lodge: A First Nations youth treatment program run by UNYA. Hailing from New Aiyansh and holding strong Nisga’a heritage, she has a passion for incorporating cultural practices and teachings into her work as an outreach worker and has been integral in the creation of First Nations programming for youth at Watari, as well as facilitating cultural programming for elementary students within the Vancouver School Board. Krystal holds a diploma in family and community addictions counselling from the Native Education College. In her spare time, she can be found harvesting medicine and spending time with her family.

Matt Jolliffe
EIYT Youth Outreach Team

Matt has been a member of the youth outreach team at Watari since 2017 and has been working in the world of youth work for the past six years, previously working predominantly during the afterhours crisis response program at Directions Youth Services Centre. He is a staunch believer of community building as a means of promoting individual well-being as well as inter-agency programming and collaboration as best practice for providing the ideal care and services to the people we support. In a previous life Matt was a line cook and has taken what he has learned and translated it into a youth led community kitchen at Watari (in partnership with Directions Youth Services Centre) to promote community, food sustainability, and life skills amongst the youth we support. Matt holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Capilano University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology from Simon Fraser University. In his free time, he can usually be found playing music in obscure venues around Vancouver.

Dustin Budden
Case Manager, Transitioning to Independence Program (TIP)

“I recognize and value the potential that all individuals hold to live their lives in a manner that is meaningful to them.”

Dustin has been running the Transitioning to Independence Program (TIP) at Watari for more than 10 years. Dustin’s belief in the value and potential that all individuals hold guides his work in TIP, as he supports youth and young adults with moving forward with vocational aspirations, educational interests, finding and maintaining housing, integrating into their community, and building positive interpersonal connections. Dustin has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and is currently working towards a Master of Counselling Degree. When he is not busy with TIP and school work, he may be found travelling, learning languages, or baking shortbread cookies.

Brynne Wambold
Child & Youth Counsellor and Art Therapist

“I believe in the importance of building one’s strength in order to foster resiliency and a healthy life style.”

Brynne has being holding individual sessions as the Child and Youth Counsellor & Art Therapist for 2 years. In this role, she empowers individuals by nurturing their relationship with art so that they can, in time, support themselves through this creative form of expression. Brynne sits beside those affected by substances between the ages of 4 and 25, specializing with those impacted by trauma, children in foster care, migrant families, and those within the queer community. She received her Master of Counselling: Art Therapy degree right here in Vancouver, BC and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art Education degree from Arizona State University. When she is not supporting community members at Watari, Brynne can be found rock climbing, traveling, and cooking vegetarian meals

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